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Bird Chain

Playing in the Jungle of colourful birds. Link and match the bird with the longest chain and highest score.
Mouse – Left-click and drag Touch-screen – Tap and drag

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Cubic Planet

An endless colourful puzzle. Match the colour and reach the highest score from the entire planet.
Mouse – Left-click Touch-screen – Tap

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Desert Rush

Desert Rush is a typical arcade matching game. Your goal is to connect the dots. Three animals surviving their way out from their hunters. Master Chain reactions Bigger the chain stronger the attack. A chain comprising of 12+ gems will yield a surprise Ariel attack. Unique game fun to play, epic adventure. There are about 30+ unique levels for you to challenge yourself. Bosses change with every stage and difficulty becomes more fun after clearing each level.
Connect Gems to win The Goal of the Game is to have the Hero reach the flag In order to move the horse forward you need to create a chain of 3 or more poisonous mushrooms but they also deplete your life Bigger the chain – stronger the attack A

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